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GNI is expanding the rational drug design paradigm to the entire targeting and screening process, from target selection through clinical validation. Our founding scientists are world-renown for their work in gene regulatory networks, the key to a systematic approach to understanding and controlling the protein production machinery in living cells.

Unlike the previous generation of companies that focus on the function of individual genes in isolation, we use methods that leverage knowledge of genome-wide pathways and interactions among genes related to disease and normal conditions. Without network knowledge, drug discovery is dependent on a trial and error approach with a high volume of experiments and a low success rate in clinical trials.

Therapeutic Areas

Our priority drug classes and disease areas are those that will be most profoundly enhanced by gene regulatory network approaches, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, and Cardiovascular, with a special emphasis on receptors and other targets related to transcription and signal transduction control.

Antifungals are currently a major research focus, and we currently possess the world’s most comprehensive regulatory network platform and related proprietary data for target discovery in an antimicrobial system.