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We designed our software tools to have broad appeal with pharmaceutical researchers worldwide as well as to support our efforts with collaborators.  


Gene expression analyses require large numbers of experiments and volumes of data. Organizing this data for efficient access, analysis, and collaboration is a challenge. GeneInform is an easy-to-operate gene expression management and analysis tool that saves cost and time by facilitating the collection, storage, analysis, and sharing of gene expression data.  Brochure

Cell Illustrator?

A biopathway modeling and simulation tool. Cell Illustrator (formerly Genomic Object Net) is a basic architecture for representing and simulating biopathways. It is fully supported and thus, proprietary. CI utilizes a visualization technique that was developed using XML technology. After creating the model of a pathway, or using one from a library, users can visualize simulations of specific biological phenomenon by defining them as signals or activities affecting the pathway.