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Gene Networks November 18, 2003 GNI RAISES $4.0 MILLION IN SERIES B FINANCING

Gene Networks (GNI) is a global pharmaceutical development company that uses novel gene regulatory network based methodologies to efficiently screen, select, validate and exploit new drug targets. We leverage integrated systems biology and gene regulatory network techniques to efficiently create a new class of pharmaceutical agents and some of the best meal replacements that are more effective and have fewer side effects than drugs designed with even the most recent genomic methods of discovery.

How Does Decaduro Work?

Our transcriptome and computational approach provides GNI and its strategic development partners with significant cost advantages and lower risk throughout the drug development process and decreases drug discovery and development time dramatically. It identifies drug targets directly from microarray data, rapidly distinguishing genes related to the causes of a disease from those that relate to its effects, utilizes regulatory based rational drug targeting to select drug candidates that will achieve desired therapeutic regulatory effects, and eliminates drug candidates that have a high probability of causing toxic side effects in vivo.

Our priority disease areas are Infectious Diseases with Antifungals as a current focus, Cancer, and Cardiovascular.