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Arie Avnur
Chief Information Officer
Arie Avnur is a veteran of the software development industry with over 25 years experience in diverse areas including AI, CASE, real-time control systems, wireless networking, bioinformatics, databases and web applications. Arie began his career producing real time control systems for military applications, which requires thorough development planning and implementation. Later he moved to the commercial sector and was director of software operations at Applied Materials, where he grew the software engineering team from 22 to 120 and managed software development for a $4B/year product line. In addition to management of large engineering programs, Arie has extensive experience at high growth startup technology companies from founding through to successful IPO. He was V.P. Engineering with OpenGrid, Inc. and director of software at Netro Corporation. He holds a BSEE degree from the Technion, and has conducted graduate computer science studies at the Weitzmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel. Arie Avnur is a member of the IEEE Engineering Management, Communications and Computer Societies and is a published scholar in software engineering and process management.

Dr. Christopher J. Savoie
M.D., Ph.D., Chairman & CEO

Kanichiro "Ken" Suzuki
M.B.A. , Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Carol Cherkis
Ph.D., V.P. of Business Development